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by Kojiro Shiraiwa

Welcome to the English version of the Pteron World!
The encyclopedia website of the butterflies.

Welcome to Pteron World! ("Pteron" means "wing" in Greek)
In this website, I'm trying to describe "everything" about butterflies...

I have decided to make the photos in this website open to everyone. Feel free to use them. If you could reference the source (, that would be great.

Unfortunately, to transplate all contents of this website is impossible due to its size and also never ending revisions. I recommend to use Google Translate or other translation services available in the web. Yes, most of them don't translate well, but at least you will get some ideas (sorry).

As of today, the website has reached to illustrate more than 3,600 kinds (counting subspecies) of butterflies around the world with upper and underside of specimens. I have started to include location of where speciemens were collected in English as well. Hope this will be helpful information. If you want to browse which species are illustrated in this website, try the complete list page.

If you have any questions, comments, requests, feel free to contact me. You can contact me in English or Japanese.

Have fun exploring the website!

Administrator (Kojiro)

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